Blazing the Trail

The Merrymeeting Trail as proposed would connect the following locations:

  • Androscoggin River Pedestrian Bike Path in Topsham that links Brunswick to Topsham
  • The village area in Bowdoinham
  • The village area in Richmond
  • The village area in Gardiner
  • The Kennebec River Rail Trail that links Gardiner, Farmingdale, Hallowell, and Augusta
The proposed Merrymeeting Trail would serve to connect Brunswick to Augusta as an alternative transportation route. Additionally, the Merrymeeting Trail could serve as an alternate route on the East Coast Greenway, a 3,000 mile national trail linking Calais, Maine with Key West, Florida. The Merrymeeting Trail would be the longest segment of the Capital to the Coast Trail System which would extend from Augusta to Bath. The Capital to the Coast Trail System includes the Kennebec River Rail Trail, the Merrymeeting Trail, the Androscoggin River Bike Path and its extension to Bath called the Androscoggin to Kennebec Trail. 122,250 people live within 10 miles of this trail system. The trail will strengthen and improve our communities, because it will serve as a regional tool to achieve community and downtown revitalization. The trail would serve as an economic engine bringing consumers, tourists, businesses and jobs to our historic downtown villages, which will provide the economic base necessary to maintain, preserve, revitalize, promote and grow our historic downtown villages. The Merrymeeting Trail would also enhance our communities’ connections to several major water bodies, including Merrymeeting Bay. Merrymeeting Bay is a 20,000 acre tidal estuary that is world renowned recreational area with significant natural habitat, popular with locals and tourists for sailing, kayaking, swimming, walking, bird watching, fishing and duck hunting.

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  1. My wife and I have enjoyed rail trails in various states across the country – ME, NH, RI, CT, WI, IL, VA – and find them to be excellent resources for recreation. Very much looking forward to the completion of the MMT, the capital to the coast system and the Eastern Greenway.

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